K.V. AFS THANe    




Scouting  and  Guiding  activities  / report

                                 (first shift-secondary)


1.   Scout  and  guide  meeting  was  conducted  in  the  first  week  of  april .

2.   Registration  work  is  completed  .

3.   Tritya  sopan   testing  camp  was  attended  scout  and  guides  and  successfully  qualified  .

4.   Teacher  have  gone  for  the  training  of  basi c  or  advanced  sm,  gc,  cm,  fl.


                                             Cubs and Bulbuls Activities 


Registration of students Class III to V(first shift)


Introduced to prayer, pledge, motto, law, promise and Beden Powell song spare time songs Yells and grand salami